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Speech by HC Ruchira Kamboj at the Opening Plenary of the India South Africa Business Summit on 30 April 2018

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I am honoured to welcome you all to the opening of the India South Africa Business Summit in this beautiful Convention Centre at Sandton.

Honourable Minister Suresh Prabhu

Minister Rob Davies

Minister Pravin Gordhan

Minister Zulu

Premier Makura

Distinguished Guests

Ladies and Gentlemen

On behalf of the Government of India allow me to express my deepest gratitude to the Government of South Africa which has so graciously supported us through this effort

I see this as a powerful symbol, among so many marks of support, and of the depth in our partnership. 

Minister Suresh Prabhu from India and Ministers Davies, Gordhan and Zulu and Premier Makhura from South Africa, we are deeply grateful for your participation at this monumental summit.  

The involvement of top captains of industry from South Africa and India speaks of the enthusiasm commitment and engagement of business on both sides to grow this partnership. 

This is an important moment.  The Summit is above all an act of faith. An act of faith between two old partners and friends, who are united through a shared history of oppression struggle and hardship. Who sealed a strategic partnership 20 years ago through the Red Fort Declaration and where today this partnership straddles diverse spheres and sectors to the benefit of our two countries and people

Importantly this partnership is not just about the undeniable unbreakable ties of solidarity that have bonded people and ignited liberation movements within India and South Africa. This partnership is also about a shared future. Through synergies, through shared strengths and through our membership in multilateral settings where we seek constantly to engage, deliberate and collaborate. 

Significantly, there are new beginnings at the Summit to this new growth story between two old friends. 

Through the MOU that will be inked later this morning between Invest India and Invest South Africa and which will set the scene for the next phase of economic relations between our two countries. 

Through the release of the CII-sponsored White Paper which spotlights the good work being done by Indian businesses in South Africa, with an accent on localisation, skilling South Africans and working in a collaborative spirit for  mutually beneficial growth and progress.

Through a coming together of business from both sides via the mechanism of the India-South Africa CEO's Forum that seeks to deepen and widen the trade basket in complimenting sectors of trade and industry

Going forward we must unlock and combine the full range of our collective resources and strengths to encourage inclusive growth and embolden development in both our countries in the effort to dignify all.

So together let's Crack the Code and push for enhanced trade and investment for the benefit of our two countries and people!

Thank you.