About Us Q and A on Online application

Q) Is online visa application mandatory for all foreign nationals?

A) Yes, online visa application is mandatory for all foreign nationals with effect from August 16, 2012.

Q) After registering online, where do I submit the visa application?

A) Applicants residing in Gauteng may submit applications at BLF International Centre in Pretoria or Johannesburg. However in the drop down box of the online form, High Commission of India Pretoria must be selected as place of submission. Residents of North West, Limpopo, and Mpumalanga provinces must submit their applications at VFS Global Centre in Johannesburg. Applicants residing in Free State, KwaZulu Natal and Eastern Cape provinces should apply at VFS Global Centre in Durban. . (Decision on Northern and Western Cape is needed)

Q) How many online applications and photographs are required to be submitted by an applicant?

A) Only one application and one recent colour photograph with the given specification are required to be submitted.

Q) I made a mistake while filling up the online application. Is it possible to make corrections online?

A) No, there is no possibility of making corrections online. You need to apply again.

Q) By mistake I selected place of submission incorrectly while filing the online application. Will my application be processed?

A) No, online applications registered for Johannesburg or Durban cannot be accepted in Pretoria and vice-versa. Applicant should carefully choose the place of submission at the time of application depending on his/her place of residence.