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Brief profile: Taare - Yours in Dance, is an Indian dance performance troupe that promotes the Indian arts through the creative use of Bollywood song and dance. Indian Classical, Indian Folk and Bollywood dances form part of the troupe’s performance repertoire. Founded in 2012, Taare has been a platform for dancers to pursue their passion for the performing arts while contributing to the enrichment of the greater community through dance. Taare’s dancers come from different dance backgrounds all working together to promote passion, art and Indian dance while engaging in performances at private, corporate, community and charitable events.

Contact details: 021 633 7248 / 083 700 6111
Website: www.taare.co.za
Contact person: AhneeshValodia (Artistic Director)
Email id: dance@taare.co.za / ahneesh@gmail.com
Contact number: 021 633 7248 / 083 700 6111


Brief profile: Aaraadhana, an act of praising the Supreme.This ideal is at the core of Bharatanatyam exponent, Darshana Rama’s, life philosophy.

Bharatanatyam is a Sampoorna Yoga; a complete science bringing body, mind and soul into harmony for the singular purpose of becoming awakened and enlightened.

This journey to reach a heightened awareness of ourselves and our connectivity to all life is the Aaraadhana of every individual who seeks to explore the magic of the Universe.

Contact details:

Website - www.aaraadhana.co.za
Contact person- Darshana Rama
Email id - darshana@aaraadhana.co.za
Contact number - 082 333 6826


Brief profile: The Nateshwar Dance Academy specializes in the North Indian classical style of dance known as Kathak as well as in various folk dances of India. Furthermore, the academy provides lessons in the popular Bollywood film style of dance. The Academy was founded in 1980 by MrsDraupadi Singh with the intent of fostering strong cultural values in the community and promoting the art of dance. It was especially popular for local competitions and eisteddfods. Over time, the Academy grew into a well-known local centre and drew pupils from across the province to its classes.

Under the stewardship of Artistic Director SmeethaMaharaj, the Nateshwar Dance Company was launched to contribute professionally to dance in South Africa. The vision and aim of the Company are to service the broader arts scene in SA and to produce quality dance productions for national and international staging. It is one of the more successful Indian dance companies in the country, with branches in three provinces, and has received many awards and much recognition over the years.

The Nateshwar Dance Academy aims to cultivate and develop young individuals who are confident and bright. In 2015 the Nateshwar Dance Academy opened its doors to Johannesburg after numerous requests and in 2017 the academy launched classes in Rylands and Claremont in Cape Town.

Contact details:

Website - https://nateshwar.wordpress.com/
Contact person - RuhiMaharaj
Email id - nateshwarct@gmail.com
Contact number - +27 81 049 1866/ +27 82 851 8744


Brief profile: Bollywood fitness is an Indian dance-based cardio workout. The group consists of about 30 to 40 ladies across age and cultural background. They offer bi-weekly classes at the Cultural Hall, Rylands.

Website: none

Facebook: Bollywood Fitness CT

Contact person: VeenaSukha

Email id: veena.sukha@gmail.com

Contact number: 0836506745

Note: If you impart training in Indian art (music and dance) forms and wish to add your details to the website of the Consulate General of India in Cape Town for the benefit of prospective students, pl write with above details to