About Us Non-Impediment Letter

As no records of marriage of Indian nationals are kept with any Indian Embassy/High Commission/Consulate, the applicant for want of Non-impediment letter from us has to take following steps:

1. He/she has to obtain a certificate issued from the Office of the Deputy Commissioner, falling under the jurisdiction of their permanent residential address in India, which states that the applicant is not married. We understand that the Deputy Commissioner’s office then asks the applicant to publish in two local newspapers one in English and one in Hindi stating that he/she is not married and gives a notice of 30 days to the general public to receive any objecting to the advertisement. Simultaneously, police verification from local SSP is also conducted after the application is made to the Deputy Commissioner to confirm the marital status.

2. Get this certificate of marital status issued by the Deputy Commissioner, containing signatures and stamp of the issuing authority, attested by the representative of the Home Department of the State Government concerned;

3. Based on the above attestation the CPV Division of the Ministry of External Affairs, Patiala House, New Delhi would attest it; and

4. Thereafter, the applicant has to submit the above documents to the concerned authorities in South Africa through the South African High Commission in Delhi.