About Us Processing Time

The timeframe for processing of visa for South African nationals is five working days in the normal course. However, each application is examined individually and the time taken for issuing visas may vary from case to case. The processing time also depends on type of visa applied for as well as the amount of overall workload in the Consular Wing of Mission/Consulate. Visa applications received by couriers/posts relatively take long time and the timeframe of five working days does not apply in case of applications received by courier or Post.

The processing time in respect of visa applications of foreigners who are not permanent residents in South Africa depend on case to case basis. However, the minimum time for processing is seven working days for those applications submitted by the applicants in person and nine working days in case of postal applications. The processing time for visa applications of foreigners with permanent residence in South Africa is relatively shorter compared to those with temporary residence or work permit.

The minimum processing time for all applications received by courier/post is seven working days irrespective of nationality of the applicants. The seven working days are counted from the next working day after receipt of visa applications at the counter.

The Mission/Consulate makes all possible efforts to process the visa applications within the stipulated timeframe yet this must not be construed as an obligation on the part of Mission/Consulate.