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Collection is strictly against the production of receipt given at the time of submission of your application. Applicants are advised to collect their passports personally. If they fail to do so, the original receipt should be passed on to an authorised representative who is able to check the applicant’s passport particulars on their visas before collecting the same from the High Commission/Consulate General of India. The collector must carry his/her ID and produce the same on demand. A sample of the authorization slip for collection or delivery of your passport is as follows:

Authorization for Collection

I ......................................(name) hereby authorize................................... (name of the representative/courier/travel agent with her/her i.d. number.................................................................................... to collect/deliver my passport from the High Commission/Consulate General of India. I also confirm that I am present in South Africa at the time of this application and have not travelled outside South Africa on another passport during the pendency of this application. The particulars of my visa application are as follows:

Given name:
(as mentioned in applicant’s passport)
Passport number:
Date & Mode of application
(Signature of the applicant)

If the visa is to be handed over to a courier, enclose the above authorization letter with your application. A copy of the same authorization letter should be produced by courier or your representative at the time of collection. Courier or your representative who comes to collect your passport must also carry his/her I.D. and the same must be produced at the counter on demand. submission of applications other than through the authorized travel agents, courier and postal channels can be done only by a family member of the applicant(s).

VFS Global will not entertain any other form of authorization for collection and delivery of your passports. Authorization in case of minors can be given by their parents.

There have been instances of wrong collection of passports by applicant’s representative/courier/travel agent. The High Commission/Consulate General of India takes no responsibility for loss or delay in such cases. The High Commission/Consulate General of India strongly advises the applicants to collect their passports personally. Usually there is a long queue both at the time of submission of visa applications and collection of passports and it is quite possible that your representative/agent/courier has failed to show up at the counter on time or did not have enough patience to follow the queue to ensure that the documents have been collected or delivered properly. In some cases, the person authorised to collect the passport is not in a position to verify whether he/she has collected the right passport from the High Commission/Consulate General of India. Applicants, travel agencies and courier companies are advised to avoid sending such people for collection.

Visa is valid for the given period from the date of issue. It is the responsibility of the applicant to verify visa particulars upon return of passport before travelling.

All foreign visitors to India, holding any category of visa, are required to compulsorily register with Foreigners Registration Office (FRO/FRRO), only if their continuous stay in India exceeds 180 days. They are required to register with the FRO/FRRO within 14 days of first arrival only. This registration is required during the first visit after the visa is issued. Subsequent travels using the same visa do not require registration. Children below the age of 16 years are exempt from this requirement. Children intending to travel to India must apply on a passport in their own names.

No requests for collection prior to the date and time given for the collection are entertained by the Mission/. Any such requests by the applicants or their travel agents will be viewed seriously and may result in rejection of visa application

The High Commission/Consulate General of India does not entertain any telephonic queries on the status of visa applications and would also not be held responsible for any delays or loss of applications/passports. Applicants are thus advised to apply in person and well in advance to avoid last minute disappointment. Any such queries may be addressed to BLS Services International Ltd.

Mission/Consulate reserves the right to summon the applicant for an interview by the consular officer. The High Commission/Consulate General of India also reserves the right on granting & deciding type or validity of visa irrespective of the fees tendered. Visa fee once tendered is non refundable even if the visa is refused.

Granting of visas does not confer the right of entry and is subject to the discretion of the Immigration Authorities.