About Us Foreigners (Other than South African nationals)

To apply for visa to India, foreigners must be in a possession of a valid visa for South Africa.

Foreigners with permanent residence in South Africa can apply for visa to India in South Africa. Besides, foreigners who have had minimum two years of continuous stay in South Africa on work permit/temporary residence and their spouses and children can also apply visa to India in South Africa except nationals of few countries.

All foreigners who are on visitor visa in South Africa are advised to apply for visa to India in the country of their origin or normal residence.
All foreigners with dual nationalities must apply on the passport of their country of birth.
All foreigners need to attach with their visa applications, proof of their permanent residence, work permit, residence permit in South Africa.
All foreigners without permanent residence in South Africa are required to fill Additional Form apart from online visa application. The Additional Form must be filled neatly in capital letters.