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An applicant, who wishes to apply for either an OCI Card or OCI Miscellaneous Service, has to upload requisite documents in support of the OCI claim while registering online. Spouse of foreign origin of a citizen of India or spouse of foreign origin of an OCI Cardholder whose marriage has been registered and the couple been continuously living together for more than two years preceding the presentation of the application are also eligible to apply.

The below mentioned requirements are general in nature. However, applicant may be asked to submit additional documents as per requirement. Once the application is complete, hard copy of application form, other relevant documents along with their originals are to be brought to the Consulate for submission. Original passports/ documents would be returned immediately after verification.

All applicants with residence in Western Cape and Northern Cape are requested to choose Consulate General of India, Cape Town as their application centre while registering for OCI.

FEE [To be paid by card; EFT]

Fee for OCI Card - ZAR 4,440 (includes additional ICWF fee of R 40/-)

Fee for OCI Misc Services- ZAR 440 (includes additional ICWF fee of R 40/-)

Banking details:

Bank: First National Bank

Branch: Adderley Street

Branch Code: 201409

Account No. : 502 601 96272

Account Name: Consulate General of India, Cape Town


1.   Application for registration as OCI Cardholder is to be submitted only through the online system. For this purpose, log on to https://passport.gov.in/oci. After completing online registration, applicant has to submit computer generated application form, and other related documents in the Consulate.

2.   One photo to be submitted along with Application Form. Click http://mha1.nic.in/pdfs/oci-brochure.pdf for specifications of the photo.

3.   Following documents are to be attached:

                 i.        Self-attested copy of Foreign Passport held by the applicant

               ii.        Self-attested copy of Unabridged Birth Certificate of the applicant

             iii.        Self-attested copy of Unabridged Birth Certificate of the parents, if parents of the applicant were Indian nationals and OCI is claimed on their Indian descent

              iv.        Proof of the applicant or parents/grandparents having Indian nationality/Indian descent, such as Indian Passport, birth certificate etc. issued by Government of India. If the same is in any regional language then a translated copy in English by a certified/registered translator with name and signature bearing his/her stamp containing address and his/her license number.

                v.        In cases where the applicant’s father/grandfather or great grandfather arrived in South Africa by ship, then he/she may seek the help of Department of Archives in South Africa. One can also access family records at www.national.archives.gov.za.

              vi.        Self-attested copy of Indian Passport Surrender Certificate and copy of cancelled passport of the applicant, if the same was surrendered.  Please note that the names should be exact in all the documents. If the spelling is different, a letter has to be obtained from the Home Department concernedthat the persons mentioned in the document/s are same

            vii.        Self-attested copy of Naturalisation Certificate, if applicable

          viii.        Self-attested copy of registered marriage certificate of the applicant and copy of the foreign passport of the spouse, if applicable

              ix.        Proof of Residential address in South Africa which can be any utility bill, copy of lease agreement, copy of property/etc

                x.        Any other document as specified by the Consular Officer

              xi.        Please note that for the purpose of claiming OCI, husband and wife has to claim on the strength of their own parents/grand parents i.e. husband cannot claim OCI on the basis of his wife and vice-versa.  OCI Card is a life-long visa.

Once the applicant submits the complete application including these uploads, the originals of the supporting documents have to be submitted to the Indian Mission/Post for verification.

In case of any further enquiry please do not hesitate to e-mail us at cons.capetown@mea.gov.in